The Monument to Commerce + Memory

The Monument to Commerce + Memory* is located at the former site of the Park Lane Mall, a demolished and abandoned retail property just south of downtown Reno, NV. The site encompasses over 40 acres, and sits along Reno’s main drag, South Virginia Street. It is less than 2 miles from Interstate 580/395 and the Reno-Tahoe International Airport and is close to fast-food restaurants, gambling venues, public schools, bars, banks, check cashing stores, motels, tattoo parlors, residential developments, and of course, other strip malls.

The Monument is contained by a chain link fence with access points along the northern border. Landscaping is minimal. The few trees along the perimeter are small and do not block sight lines. Crows and seagulls can be seen within the Monument’s borders. Visitors should keep an eye out for feces, broken glass and debris, especially along the Monument’s northern and western edges. Traffic can be very heavy along the adjacent streets, so please use appropriate caution.

There are numerous “No Trespassing” signs posted along the fence. Visitors should be forewarned that the Monument is situated on private property, and that trespassers are at risk for legal action. Non-trivially, everyone in Nevada carries a gun.

The Monument is open 24 hours a day, every day of the year. There are no restroom facilities on the site. Admission is free.

*The Monument's continued existence is in question, as a large-scale mixed use project is currently underway on the site.